Best Low Compression Golf Balls 2022

There are many low compression golf balls to choose from in 2022 and the number can be overwhelming. We’ve made a list of the most popular of these along with their actual compression scores to help you decide which low compression golf ball is best for you.

Compression refers to the overall density of the ball. The ability of the ball to compress is what provides the spring like effect as the ball comes off the club. Golfers with a slower swing speed benefit from using a low compression ball because it requires less force to “compress” the ball at impact. This allows the golfer with a slow swing speed to gain more distance than they would with a higher compression ball. Beginners, ladies, and senior players often favor low compression balls for this reason.

Ranked from lowest compression (30) to highest, here are the most popular balls with compression scores lower than 70.

The Lowest Compression Golf Balls 2022

Best Low Compression Golf Balls

Most low compression (<70) balls available in 2022 are on the cheaper end. Two piece balls with Surlyn/Ionomer covers comprise most of the list. If you are looking for a higher end ball along with a low compression, there are several to choose from.

There are only two brands on the list above that have Urethane covers: Bridgestone and Wilson

One other brand to mention is among the most popular low compression balls over the last few years. The Callaway Super Soft is a 3-part ball with a unique cover. According to their website, the cover is a Hybrid featuring a “impact modifier” developed by Dow Chemical and a hex dimple pattern for higher ball flight.

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