Fantasy Golf – Should you give it a try?

Fantasy Sports are extremely popular around the world. If you enjoy playing fantasy football but would like a fantasy sports game to play during the off-season, why not try fantasy golf? The game operates in a similar way but there are a few details you’ll need to know to get started with the golf version.

Choosing your Players

In simple terms, fantasy golf involves drafting a team of real golfers and scoring points based on their performance. Usually, you will be asked to pick a roster of golfers for each PGA tournament and the major events around the world.

You are given a salary to spend on players and you must select the required number of golfers for the tournament in question without breaking your budget. The favorites to do well in the tournament will priced more highly than those not expected to feature high on the leaderboard. The skill comes in selecting the golfers you believe will outperform their salary and score the biggest number of points.

Some fantasy golf games will allow you to pick seven players and the top five of those players will continue following the cut at the end of the second days play. So, even if two of your players perform poorly, you still have a chance of winning fantasy golf because your top five players will continue to score points.


In addition to tournament scoring, your points will be totaled and added to an overall table for the full duration of the PGA Tour. You can also choose to select a fantasy golf roster for a single day of a golf tournament, with many of the major daily fantasy sports operators offering this type of fantasy golf game.

Generally, fantasy golf points are earned for eagles, birdies, and pars but other scoring is dependent on the game provider. Some fantasy golf games will award points for a golfer who scores lower than 70 at the end of a round, multiple birdies, and tournament or round finishing position. You can also lose points when playing fantasy golf and this usually happens when a play hits a bogey, double bogey, or worse.

The rules above are consistent for most fantasy golf games but it is crucial you take time to read the specific rules of the fantasy golf game you are playing. Depending on which operator you are using, the rules could be different, and you do not want to be caught out.

How to Win

Winning fantasy golf games is not easy but there are some things you can do to improve your chances. As with most online fantasy games, there are websites which have been created purely to offer tips on the upcoming fantasy golf events. You can read the tips and decide if you want to act on them or go your own way.

Look at which golfers are in good form. Look at recent tournaments to find out who has been winning and who has been struggling. Secondly, look at the past results of the upcoming golf tournament and other events on the course. Some golf tournaments are played on the same course each year, whereas others rotate venues. There are golfers who enjoy playing on some courses more than others and it is worth knowing that information before selecting your roster for fantasy golf. Finally, check the weather forecast and the tee times. If a player you have selected is due to go out early in windy and wet weather, you may wish to reconsider the selection, especially if the weather looks like it is going to improve for other golfers later in the day.

There is a lot of detail to consider when playing fantasy golf but you can be up and running with your first roster in no time.

Where to Get Started

These are just a few places where you can start playing.

The PGA website has a Fantasy Golf league. You can sign up here.

NBC Sports: To play, download their app here

Click here to set up your league with ProTour Fantasy Golf